Today my baby boy had spoiled me with smiles and giggles. I am feeling very loved and blessed. So this is the theme tune to my day- Enjoy! Eva Cassidy- Songbird

Dust If You Must

My house is getting a teeny tiny bit dirty, but I would rather play with my boys than dust more than once a week. I was feeling a tad guilty, and then I… Continue reading

4. Blissful Ignorance

The sun was coming up as we arrived at the hospital. It was a beautiful, calm and still sunrise. I gazed at the sun and took a deep breath. Would my baby ever… Continue reading

3. Far from Home

Sat up talking with my Midwife drinking tea and eating biscuits in the large, airy room of the beautiful community hospital. Peace and contentment was all that there was. My beautiful baby sleeping… Continue reading

2. Hello Theo

9.00pm While we were booked in, I propped myself up against a chair. They put the monitor on due to the bleeding and confirmed, ‘yes, you are having contractions every 2 mins’. This… Continue reading

1. D-Day

Birth story alert!!! There is time to turn back….. Due day came and went…… Again. I was tiered. I once more felt the deep, unrelenting longing to hold my baby. I was ready,… Continue reading

Strange bedfellows

Tonight as I curl in bed while the husband works late, I am not alone… No, I am not confessing to a sordid affair. Instead, tonight I am snuggling up with Nutty2. Nutty… Continue reading

The Start of Something Beautiful

Matilda- Lilly, appreciating life’s precious moments through the magical, madness of motherhood. So it begins….. Why share? Why now? I feel brave enough to open up my world and thought to those I… Continue reading